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Johnny Dowd More Or Less

December 6, 2010

“More or Less,” Johnny's poetry/music CD, is for sale on the Store page now. We only have 12 copies of this rare item which was made by Zlaxyi Records in Thule, Russia, earlier this year. It's a CD-R with a handmade 14-page booklet (printed on glossy paper on a desktop printer). Shown here are the cover and one of the spreads. The CD includes a video by Michael Sadler and friends, “Johnny Dowd: Six Strung Witness.” Very few of these CD-Rs with handmade booklets exist—in fact, we believe these are the only ones available outside of Russia.

Johnny's 16-page poetry book is also now for sale on the Store page.

For his next CD, Johnny is thinking of releasing as digital download and vinyl only. What do you think? Would you miss a CD? Please let us know via the Contact page.

Hope you all have a great holiday season.

Johnny Dowd More Or Less (poems)



October 27, 2010

Johnny is playing bass guitar in a new trio called The Tin Teardrops with Mike "Rocket Morton" Cook on lead guitar and vocals and Alan "Atomic Forces" Pauling on drums. Their debut show is on Friday, October 29th at Delilah's in Ithaca, NY followed with a gig at The Rongo in Trumansburg, NY on October 30th. Both shows start around 9:30pm. Check out the Facebook page on the band.

  June 20, 2010

Message from Johnny: Check out my new guitar—The Testifyer—a creation of Michael Sadler. It's a lean, mean rock machine, and I've been having a ball playing it. Check out Michael's web site,, for more info. Michael and a few of his friends also made some crazy videos of me that I will be posting at some point. So check this guy out. He has the Johnny Seal of Approval.


June 5, 2010

Message from Johnny: Two days back from the European tour. I mowed the lawn, changed the cat litter, and tomorrow I'll clean the bathroom, then report for duty at the Zolar Moving Co. Life is sweet. I think this may have been the most fun and musically satisfying tour I have ever done. All the credit goes to my great band-Michael Stark, Willie B, Matt Saccucci-Morano, Kim Sherwood-Caso -- and to all the people who came out to support us. I also want to thank the great bands we shared the stage with: Stuurbaard Bakkebaard, Mark Lotterman, Songdog. I'm plotting my next move, but one thing is for sure, I will do an album of cover tunes. I've also vowed to learn how to play guitar and sing at the same time, so there might be some solo gigs in the future. If you don't have a copy of my new record, ï¿˝Wake Up the Snakes,ï¿˝ it's not too late. That's all for now. Please stay tuned.

-Your faithful servant, Johnny.

Below:Johnny and the band at El Lokal, Zurich. Photo by Victor Fieldhouse.Johnny and the band at El Lokal in Zurich. Photo by Victor Fieldhouse.



May 11, 2010

Johnny and the band have just arrived in Amsterdam, so the Euro tour has begun. If you haven’t checked the Tours page for shows near you, be sure to do so. They'll be performing all the songs from the new record, “Wake Up the Snakes,” which has already gotten some nice reviews:

“Brilliantly macabre, rib-tickling, poised and admirably raw dirty rock ’n’ roll from the shaded supremo of gothic Americana. All recorded live in three days, it plunges you into a world of deep crevices, bizarre happenings and fiery wonder in a way that albums costing millions can only dream of.”—Mirror (London)

“After 2008 roaring A Drunkard’s Masterpiece, Dowd clearly has the taste for a full band workout. Wake Up The Snakes is a throwback to the days when soul and garage rock first collided, ripping along to farfisa and head-slapping guitar with messy abandon. Long-haul fans may bemoan the relative lack of Dowd’s trademark hoodoo blues and cranky country, though. Still there’s plenty to shake a leg at, regular vocal foil Kim Sherwood-Caso to the fore on choice cuts ‘Fat Joey Brown’ and the tearaway ‘Howling Wolf Blues.’ Madder Rose’s Billy Cote and Mary Lorson feature.” —Uncut

“The indomitable Johnny Dowd is a 62 year old from New York State who didn’t cut a record till he was 50. He’s making up for lost time with Wake Up The Snakes, a soupy, soulful, dangerous, dirty career best. His band strike an excellent groove which lasts all the way from the funk-meets-half-spoken growl of opener Yolanda to the smokin’ finale Organ Grinder. Dowd’s got all the swagger and star quality of acts a third his age.”—The Sun (London)

Johnny has also just released an album of poetry (with music) on Zlaxyi Records based in Thule, Russia. You can download free MP3 versions of the poems at the Zlaxyi Records site: Just go to their “Downloads” page and look for “Johnny Dowd” in the list of releases. They are also selling the CDs at The CD includes a video by Michael Sadler and friends, “Johnny Dowd: Six Strung Witness.” Many thanks to Ivan for doing a great job on this project. Also thanks to Michael and his friends for providing the video.


March 4, 2010

Wake Up The Snakes It's here! Johnny's new album, “Wake Up the Snakes,” is available now on the Store page of this site to U.S. and other non-European buyers. It will not be sold anywhere else in the U.S. Remember, Johnny is happy to autograph CDs. Just include your request in your Paypal order or send a message via our Contact page. Do let us know what you think about the album—Johnny loves to get feedback.

The album will be released in Europe later this month and in April and May.
Release dates vary per country. Scandinavia: March 29. Holland and Belgium: April 5. Austria, Switzerland, and Germany: April 23. United Kingdom: May 3.

We're really excited about two new shows that have been added to the May European tour. The band will perform at the King Kong Club in Berlin on May 15 and 16. Johnny hasn't been to Germany in a few years, so he and the band are really looking forward to being in Berlin again. The full tour schedule is on the Tours page.

Johnny and Facebook: Johnny is frequently on Facebook. His fan page is under "Johnny Dowd" and his personal page is under "John Dowd." You can contact him either way. Of course, you can always contact him via the Contact page at this site, too.


February 17, 2010

Johnny's May European tour schedule is nearly complete. Please check the Tours page at this site for a show near you. He and the band will be performing songs from the new CD, "Wake Up the Snakes" (due out in March/April in Europe) at the shows.
     We're happy to say the amazing Dutch band Stuurbaard Bakkebaard will join Johnny for three of the shows. These double bills should not be missed.Our young, talented friend Mark Lotterman will perform at the show at Paard von Troj (The Hague). This promises to be another great show.

If you haven't checked out the new Jeffrey Lee Pierce tribute album, "We Are Only Riders: The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project," be sure to do so. Johnny, Nick Cave, Debbie Harry, and other rock luminaries contributed tracks. You can read a review of the CD at The Independent (London) web site.


January 7, 2010

Message from Johnny: We just completed our new record, “Wake Up the Snakes,” which will be released by Munich Records in Europe in March. I'm really happy with the album. It's got a kind of soul/garage vibe, a bit of a throwback to the music I grew up with. The band sounds fabulous. Mike Stark, farfisa; Matt Saccuccimorano, drums; Kim Sherwood-Caso, vocals and guitar (that's right, guitar, and she's killing it); and Willie B on yet another instrument, baritone guitar. He's got a Lemmy/Bootsy thing going on. Anyway, I'm very excited. I've also been backing up National Book Award nominee for poetry, Lyrae VanClief-Stefanon. Also working on an album of cover tunes with my buddy Billy Coté—everything from “Hit the Road, Jack” to “Dream Lover.” Like James Brown said, “I feel good.”


November 30, 2009

Christmas sale:
Most of Johnny's CDs are on sale for $10 or less, including shipping (to U.S. and Canada only). See Store page at this site. Anyone on your Christmas list a Johnny fan?

Johnny's new record is almost done. The band recorded at The Shop in Willseyville, New York, which was recently renovated. Johnny says, “I went back to my rhythm-and-blues and rock 'n' roll roots for this one. Great band and a funky vibe. All killer, no filler.” It will be out on Munich Records in Europe in March. European tour in May. Confirmed shows are posted on the Tours page now.

Other projects: Johnny has been musical accompanist for poet Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon, a National Book Award-nominated poet, at performances in local bars and colleges. He's also working on an album of covers—everything from Bobby Darin to Howlin' Wolf—with Billy Coté of Madder Rose fame.


October 10, 2009

A very interesting show is coming up next Saturday. Johnny and the band will do a house concert at Marty and Susan's house in Hamburg, New York (near Buffalo). Marty and Susan have a tradition of offering their house as a venue for well-known musicians, and we're happy they've asked Johnny to wind up their current season. Here's a message about the show from Marty:

"If you haven't made it down for any of our good-timin', pot-luckin', up-close-and-personal shows this year, this is most likely your last chance. We've got Johnny Dowd coming in from Ithaca, his first local show since he performed at our wedding in 2005. And if we asked him to play our wedding you know he's got to be good. Or at least different. Interesting. The reclusive Michel Weber will be making a rare appearance as opener."

Please email us via the Contact page for more details.


July 29, 2009

The Love and Rockets tribute CD, “New Tales to Tell,” is now available at iTunes (link opens in iTunes application). Johnny and his friend Billy Coté (of Madder Rose fame) did a killer version of “Bound for Hell.” Other artists include Flaming Lips, Better Than Ezra, Blaqk Audio, Black Francis, The Stone Foxes, and many more. The physical CD will be out in mid-August.

Johnny is about to record his own CD which will be released next spring. “My new album is going to take us back to the days when soul music and garage rock collided. Lots of fuzz bass, farfisa, and and ‘my baby left me’ lyrics. In short, another new direction. It’s going to be (I swear) my best, most fun, record yet.”

The May 2010 European tour is shaping up. In addition to the Festival Musique Action in France, we've got some good shows lined up in the UK already. More information later.


June 23, 2009

If you're in the Ithaca area, please come to Johnny's show this Sunday at Felicia's. It starts at 7:00 PM. You can catch Willie B who has returned to Johnny's band in a new role, bass guitar player.

We're starting to book the spring 2010 European tour which will include a performance at the Festival Musique Action in Nancy, France, at the end of May.

Johnny is getting another live CD together. If you haven't gotten the last one yet (Ratten Spiegel), you can still order it on the Store page.

  April 30, 2009New Tales To Tell - A Tribute To Love And Rockets

Johnny will have a track on the Love and Rockets tribute album, “New Tales to Tell,” which is due out in digital form on July 28 and on CD on August 11. The song is “Bound for Hell,” and Johnny’s friend Billy Coté (of Madder Rose fame) collaborated. Other artists on the album include David Johansen, Frank Black, The Dandy Warhols, Adrian (of No Doubt), and Chantal (of Morningwood). Shepard Fairey designed the cover (right). Thanks to David J of Love and Rockets and Christopher Minister for asking Johnny to be part of this project.

To Johnny’s local fans: Be sure to catch the band at the Chapter House here in Ithaca on May 16.

Ratten Spiegel, Johnny’s latest live CD with original art on every cover, is still available here.

  March 4, 2009Ratten Spiegel

We're happy to announce that a new live album is available on the Store page. It was recorded by Uli Teute at a show at the Ratten Spiegel ("Rats Mirrors"), Freiburg, Germany, in 2002. It's a CD-R with original art by Johnny on the cover (each cover is hand-drawn and unique).

Here's what Johnny has to say about the recording:
" I think this is my favorite Johnny Dowd band live recording. There's something for everybody. It starts out Bitches Brew and ends up somewhere around Hasil Adkins. The room we performed in at the Ratten Spiegel was small, packed with about 20 drunk and stoned people, including the band. Anyway, it was fun times. Check it out. I'm no Van Gogh, but I'll draw a little something on each CD cover. Did I say collector's item?"

  January 18, 2009

Happy New Year, everyone.

Johnny's "A Drunkard's Masterpiece" made MOJO's list of the best Americana albums of 2008. If you don't have a copy of the CD yet, you can order one on the Store page at this site. Remember, Johnny is always happy to autograph CDs—just note in your Paypal order or send us a message via the Contact page.

The next album is in the works. It will be released this fall by Munich Records with a European tour in September or October.

Johnny received a cool Christmas gift from London this year: a custom-made suit designed by Simon Green of Blaqua. Blaqua makes clothes "with more than a hint of rock and roll." Thank you, Simon.


Johnny Dowd Live at Schuba's 2000

December 19, 2008

We've come across an interesting live recording of Johnny and the band recorded in 2000 at Schuba's in Chicago. We're putting the songs up as free MP3 downloads on the Albums page. Merry Christmas! Band members on the recording are: Justin Asher on guitar, Brian Wilson (aka Willie B) on drums, and Kim Sherwood-Caso, vocals. Of course, Johnny, vocals and guitar. Many thanks to Mike Cook for getting this together for us.

Reminder: all of Johnny's CDs are on sale for the rest of the month for orders to the U.S. and Canada. Please see the Store page at this site. Remember that Johnny is happy to autograph CDs — just ask when you order.


Johnny Dowd, Christmas 1958

    Jingle Bells
    Free MP3

December 4, 2008

Hello everyone. Getting into the spirit of the season, we're putting Johnny's version of "Jingle Bells" here for free download (left). Johnny has other Christmas recordings — such as "Christmas is Just Another Day" (Cemetery Shoes CD) and "Death Comes Knocking" (Temporary Shelter CD). The latter will cheer up anyone on your Christmas list.

All of Johnny's CDs are on sale for the rest of the month for orders to the U.S. and Canada. Please see the Store page at this site. Remember that Johnny is happy to autograph CDs — just ask when you order.

Photo at left is Johnny at Christmas, 1958. Best holiday wishes to you all.

  October 31, 2008

Johnny's "A Drunkard's Masterpiece" is nominated for Best Alternative Music Album in the first round of Grammy nominations. The next round determines who will be at the Grammy Awards, and the final round determines the winner. If you are a Recording Academy member and would like to cast your vote for Johnny: he is in Field 5 (Alternative), Category 22 (Best Alternative Music Album), Number 025 (A Drunkard's Masterpiece). Ballots have to be in by November 4. It's a long shot, but you never know . . .

    Adultress (live)
    Free MP3
July 27, 2008

A gift for you: a really great version of Johnny's song, "Adultress," is at left as free MP3 download. Vocalist is Kim Sherwood-Caso. It was recorded at the Grassroots Festival in Trumansburg, New York, in 2007. Willie B. on drums, Michael Stark on keyboards, and Johnny on guitar. The song is on Johnny's latest record, "A Drunkard's Masterpiece."

Kim Sherwood-CasoCDs are on sale for one more week: just $11 including postage to the U.S. and Canada (Store page). If you'd like Johnny to autograph your CDs, just mention in your Paypal order or send us a message via the Contact page at this site.

    Wedding Dress (live)
    Free MP3
July 15, 2008

Free MP3 download of "Wedding Dress" at left from Johnny's performance at the Turf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota, in October of 2002. Willie B on drums, Justin Asher on guitar, recorded by Dan Lang. The song is on Johnny's "Cemetery Shoes" CD.

Johnny DowdCDs are still on sale until the end of July: just $11 including postage to the U.S. and Canada (Store page). If you'd like Johnny to autograph your CDs, just mention in your Paypal order or send us a message via the Contact page at this site.

    Big Wave (live)
    Free MP3

June 29, 2008

Another free MP3 download at left. This is also from the performance at the Turf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota, in October of 2002: "Big Wave" (which is on "Temporary Shelter" CD). Willie B on drums, Justin Asher on guitar, recorded by Dan Lang.

Summer CD sale: All of Johnny's CDs are on sale on our Store page through July (U.S. and Canada only). Remember, Johnny is happy to autograph CDs—just mention in your Paypal order or send us a message via Contact page at this site.

Johnny at MySpace: If you haven't checked out Johnny's MySpace page yet, please go here.

    Butcher's Son (live)
    Free MP3

June 13, 2008

Free MP3 download at left. This is Johnny and the band performing "Butcher's Son" at the Turf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota, in October of 2002. Willie B was on drums and Justin Asher was on guitar. It was recorded by Dan Lang. We plan to put more live recordings up for free download in the coming weeks, so please check back.

Johnny has a new MySpace page. Click here to go to it.

   "Infidelity" (excerpt)

May 20, 2008

Johnny Dowd Band 2007

"A Drunkard's Masterpiece" is released in the U.S. and Canada this week. It's available here on the Store page as well real stores and (Sample audio at left.) Remember that Johnny is happy to autograph any CDs bought from his site. Just mention in your Paypal order. We send via first class mail.

A Drunkard's Masterpiece cover by Kurt Herrmann"It's weird, uncompromising and, compared with anything I've heard this millennium, certainly unique. 'A Drunkard's Masterpiece' is a creative car crash of Americana, beatnik rock, poetry, prose, jazz rock, rap, screaming metal guitar, retro pop, spoken word and country noir."
—Sylvie Simmons, MOJO

The band had a great time in Europe! Thanks to everyone who came to the shows.



April 24, 2008

Johnny's European tour starts this week. See the schedule on Tours page. If you're in any of the tour cities, please try to catch the show and hear the songs on the new record, "A Drunkard's Masterpiece," performed live. (Sample from the record at left.)

The band was at the BBC's famous Maida Vale Studios earlier this week to record for Mark Lamarr's "God Jukebox" show. It will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Friday, April 25, at midnight (in the UK). You can also listen to the show at the BBC web site for one week after the show airs. Here's the link.

The April 28 Rotterdam show will be streamed live on the internet at both and The show starts at 8:30 PM Dutch time. In the U.S., that's 2:30 PM Eastern Time, 1:30 PM Central Time, 12:30 PM Mountain Time, and 11:30 AM Pacific Time. The opening act is a really interesting young musician, Mark Lotterman. Be sure to catch his performance, too. Johnny did a track on his new record. Mark and his friends arranged for internet access for the show (thanks, guys).


April 4, 2008

Johnny and the band are leaving in two weeks for the European tour. Final tour dates are on the Tours page now.

There's one more U.S. date before they leave, this Saturday (April 5) at The Chapter House in Ithaca. Looking forward to seeing all of our friends there.

If you're in the UK, you can catch the band on Mark Lamarr's "God's Jukebox" show, BBC Radio 2, in late April. We'll let you know the exact date when we know—we think it will be April 26 or thereabouts. If you're not in the UK, you can listen to the show at the BBC website.

Some nice press has been coming in for "A Drunkard's Masterpiece":

"It's weird, uncompromising and, compared with anything I've heard this millennium, certainly unique. A Drunkard's Masterpiece is a creative car crash of Americana, beatnik rock, poetry, prose, jazz rock, rap, screaming metal guitar, retro pop, spoken word and country noir."—Sylvie Simmons (MOJO)

"There's nobody quite like Johnny Dowd, a dapper 60-year-old Texan absurdist who recorded his first album 10 years ago. . . . Here, duetting with Kim Sherwood-Caso, he offers deadpan, lyrical opinion on his two favourite subjects—alcohol and the differences between men and women—like Charles Bukowski backed by a jazz-country funk shuffle. It's really quite brilliant, putting to shame artists half his age."—Peter Shepherd (Uncut)

Listen to a sample by clicking on the bar at left.

The U.S./Canadian release of the record has been moved to mid-May. Some U.S. tour dates will follow.


February 18, 2008

The European tour dates are up on the Tours page. We'll be adding a few more shows soon. Please check back.

Johnny's new record, "A Drunkard's Masterpiece," will be released in Europe on March 24. The U.S. release will be in April. (Sample at left.)

We're thinking about putting out a new live CD. Anyone interested? If so, please tell us via the Guestbook page. We're wondering if it would be a good investment.

If you're in New York State or Pennsylvania, you can catch Johnny and the band on tv. On February 28, at 8:00 PM, they'll be on "Expressions: Sound Fusion" on WSKG. It will be repeated on March 22 at 11:00 PM. Ithaca band Boy with a Fish is also featured.






December 16, 2007

It's done. The new CD, "A Drunkard's Masterpiece," went to the European record company this week. It will be released in the spring and followed by a European tour. In the U.S. and Canada, our good friend Ralph Alfonso at Bongo Beat will release the record, also in the spring. Thanks to everyone in the band for their hard work. Also thanks to Dave Hinkle for the long hours spent on engineering and mixing. Everyone's effort paid off—the CD turned out great. We love the cover art, too. It's by an interesting artist we just discovered, Kurt Herrmann, who graciously allowed us to reproduce his painting.

To get a sneak preview of one of the songs on "A Drunkard's Masterpiece," click on the bar next to band photo.

Johnny's previous album, "Cruel Words," has won in the Album/Alt-country category of the 7th Annual Independent Music Awards. Thanks to everyone who voted for Johnny (and thanks to the judges, too). You can check out all the winners here.


  November 6, 2007

Johnny has been nominated for an Independent Music Award for "Cruel Words." In addition to the winners selected by judges, there will be winners selected by popular vote. You can vote here. He's in the first category on the page, Alternative Country. You have to register in order to vote, but it only takes a few minutes.

Johnny and band will be collaborating with Boy with a Fish for an appearance on public television in the U.S. Videotaping will be in January. When we know when the show will be aired, we'll let you know.

The new record is almost done. It's sounding good. We're going to put a sample clip here on the site as soon as the final mix is done.

  September 5, 2007

Johnny and band have started recording the next record. Release will be in spring 2008 (with Euro tour in April). The form of the record will be different than for past records. It's hard to describe. Johnny's opus? Filmic? Prog rock? You can decide for yourselves when you hear it.

"There's a Hole in Heaven Where Some Sin Slips Through," the Townes van Zandt tribute album released by Glitterhouse Records, includes Johnny's rendition of "Brand New Companion." Sylvie Simmons wrote in MOJO: "It's a sad truth that the words 'tribute album' and 'recommended' are rarely seen together, but this is an excellent record for two reasons: the material and the musicians. The acts here seem hand-picked to cover a broad Americana swathe. . . from folk-blues (Marah) to rock (Steve Wynn), country (Jon Langford and Sally Timms) to Johnny Dowd (weird, heavy, vaguely Bowie-esque)." The album is available through

Christmas isn't far away, and Johnny and Kim are thinking about recording some Johnny-style Christmas songs. The plan will be to make them available as digital releases through BongoBeat Records and iTunes. We'll keep you posted on their progress.

  May 3, 2007

Message from Johnny:

People, people, people: I just got back from a mind-altering tour with Beukorkest in The Netherlands. There were anywhere from 19 to 23 musicians on stage. Rap, noise, cabaret, rock 'n' roll, polka, poetry, and more. Yours truly did four or five songs including some awesome renditions of "Worried Mind." Truly wonderful group of guys. They really went out of their way to make me feel at home. Now I'm hard at work on my new album. I'm thinking it should be somewhere between "Bitches Brew" and Liberace.

P.S. I've only sold one album in Oklahoma. That's not right. You gotta support your homie.

  April 4, 2007

News flash: Kim Sherwood-Caso will be joining Johnny at his show in Eindhoven on April 10. If you're in The Netherlands, don't miss this. Kim hasn't performed there in quite a while, so this should be a very special show.

Johnny is in The Netherlands already and rehearsing with all the musicians in the Beukorkest tour. The first show is in Breda this Thursday, April 5. The full schedule is on the Tours page, and you can find more information about all the musicians at the Beukorkest web site.
   To our American friends: "Beukorkest" means something like "battering orchestra." Interesting image, isn't it?

  February 23, 2007

New tour dates have been added to the Tours page.

The Beukorkest tour in The Netherlands should be fascinating. It was organized by the Dutch band Stuurbaard Bakkebaard, and Johnny will be performing with them and a number of other musicians—there will be 15 artists on stage altogether. They'll be doing some of Johnny's songs, of course. Click here for more information about the tour.

Please note that Johnny will do one solo show during the Beukorkest tour—on April 10 in Eindhoven.

Johnny and the band are working hard on the new record, "Adultery."Kim Sherwood-Caso We're thinking about a Valentine's Day 2008 release date. . . .

Kim Sherwood-Caso has been working with Johnny a lot lately, too. She did a killer version of the Ricky Nelson song, "Lonesome Town," at an Ithaca show recently. Don't be surprised if you hear her quite a bit on the new record.


January 18, 2007

Happy new year, everyone.

Johnny is busy working on his next record. The working title is "Adultery," and the form of the record will be a bit different than his earlier releases.

The dates for the Stuurbaard Bakkebard tour in Europe are almost final. Johnny will be performing in their band in this collaborative project—performing some of his songs as well as songs of others. There will be 15 musicians altogether. The first performance is April 5. We'll post the entire schedule as soon as we have it.

A new book, "Fear of Music: The Greatest 261 Albums Since Punk and Disco," by Garry Mulholland features Johnny and his CD "Pictures from Life's Other Side." It's available from the UK Amazon and other places in Europe. (We were able to have it sent to us here in the U.S. from the UK Amazon without any problems.)

The great Jackie Leven asked Johnny to perform on his latest CD, "Oh What a Blow That Phantom Dealt Me!" on Cooking Vinyl Records. Johnny recites a poem by Kenneth Patchen called "The Skaters." Release date is February 19.

The really big news is that Kat and Johnny's extremely shy cat, Junior, is home after being missing for eight months. We believe he was hiding in the woods across the street, only coming out in the middle of the night. Kat's infrared videotaping during the night helped in the process of getting him back into the fold.

December 3, 2006

Give Johnny Dowd for Christmas! From now until January 1, Johnny's CDs are discounted twenty percent at this site (see Store page).

Do your friends have the Hellwood CD yet? It's not available in stores in the U.S. Know any holiday cynics? Give them "Cemetery Shoes" which includes "Christmas is Just Another Day." Anyone who is anti-war (and who isn't?) would appreciate "Praise God" which is on both the "Cruel Words" and the "Live at the Night and Day Cafe" CDs. The latter is Johnny's best live album.

We also have a new item: Johnny's only release on vinyl, "Hell or High Water." This is a 7-inch record which includes two songs, the title song and "Divorce, American Style." It was released by Munich Records in 2000. We only have 20 of these.

In the U.S., please order by December 18 to ensure delivery by Christmas. In Europe, order by December 14.

Remember, Johnny is happy to autograph CDs — just remember to ask when you make your Paypal payment (there's a place in the order form for note to seller).

Hope you all have a happy and musical holiday season.

Chainsaw Of Life
November 5, 2006

Message from Johnny: Hello friends. Just got back from a fun and adventure-filled Hellwood tour. It was great to play the tunes that Brian (Willie B), Jim, and I wrote. Special thanks to Mike Stark on organ for making us sound so good. Every gig was a blast. The Take Root Festival in Holland and the Mean Fiddler gig in London were particularly memorable. Oh, yeah, Glasgow was so exciting that I lost my glasses. We fought the Lemonheads to a draw. Jim and I are thinking of booking a standup comic tour—kind of a weird, goth Martin and Lewis. Keep checking the web site—I might be headed back to Europe for a tour in January, performing solo.

October 12, 2006

The Hellwood CD, "Chainsaw of Life," is now for sale here for U.S. and Canadian buyers. If you're in Europe, please check your local record store or (If you can't find the CD, please let us know.) Remember, Johnny is happy to autograph any CD you buy from us—just remember to request this when you send your Paypal payment. He signed a lot of Hellwood CDs before he left for Europe, so if you order an autographed one now, you won't have to wait.

The guys are about half way through the European tour. Thanks to everyone who has been to the shows. If you're in the UK, you still have time to buy tickets and see Hellwood live. (Schedule on Tours page.)

  Hellwood in the studioSeptember 12, 2006

Hellwood, Johnny's band with Jim White and Willie B (aka Brian Wilson), released "Chainsaw of Life" in Europe this week. It's getting great reviews and, as of this writing, is number eight on the chart. Here's what the London Sun said:

"Their voices are chalk and cheese. . . Johnny Dowd's is an earthy rumble, Jim White's is a reedy moan. But this meeting of two great outsiders is a master-class in noirish ruminations from the deep south set to soupy, funked-up rock 'n' soul. . . Joining them in their imaginary nightmare outpost of Hellwood, population 3, is multi-instrumentalist Willie B. Between them, they kick up an unholy racket. They appear to strike up a rich, but questioning dialogue with God. Clearly Katrina and the war in Iraq are on their minds but so are humdrum human concerns—all ingredients in the big chainsaw of life. Genius."

The Hellwood European tour starts on October 4. Check out the dates on the Tours page. Please note that a Berlin show (at Trompete) has been added. We may also have a show in Germany on October 13. Stay tuned for more information.

If you're in the U.S., you can get "Chainsaw of Life" at Johnny's shows and at this site starting in mid-October.

Take a look at the videos from Johnny's recent U.S. tour on the Images page. They're links to YouTube, so the images are low-resolution, but they're interesting artifacts of Johnny's shows. Thanks to Rocket Morton for getting these clips up on the site.


Cruel Words

hear "Ding Dong" (.mp3)

August 10, 2006

Johnny and the band are on the road in the U.S. right now. They've had some great shows. The one at Mick's Music and Bar, Omaha, was the kind of show that makes these tours worthwhile. Thanks to Dean and everyone for their hospitality and to all who came to the show. In Denver, Johnny was glad to visit with three of his special fans (you know who you are!). In Seattle and Portland, Mark Pickeral shared the bill, and the band enjoyed hanging out with him. Vancouver was a blast — it was the first time Johnny has been there. He was happy to see such a good crowd. Thanks to Ralph Alfonso of Bongo Beat Records for videotaping. Click here to see a clip. Kevin House performed that night, too, and helped make it a great evening.

Links to reviews of "Cruel Words" and show previews have been added to the Reviews page. Remember, if you'd like to order "Cruel Words" or any CD from us, Johnny is happy to sign it. He signed a few before he left for the tour, so if you order now, you probably won't have to wait.

Hope you're all keeping cool on these hot summer days.

  July 4, 2006

Happy Independence Day. Your all-American boy, Johnny Dowd, is releasing his latest CD, "Cruel Words," in the United States today. It's for sale on the Store page of this site and also in stores across the country. (If you buy it here, Johnny would be happy to autograph it for you. Just ask when you send your Paypal payment.)

Entertainment Weekly reviewed it last week: "Drawn to the shadows? Then you might run into Johnny Dowd . . . Here Dowd continues crafting extraordinary Beefheartian Gothic-rock tales of the disenfranchised. There's plenty of his discomfiting growl and dark wit on Cruel Words. But on his sixth disc—his most tuneful and accessible—there are raucous sing-alongs too, including one with the Mekons' Sally Timms and Jon Langford ('Drunk'). It's an outsider-art show come to life." —Beth Johnson

For a free sample, download the MP3 of "Ding Dong" at left.

The U.S. tour starts at the end of the month. New dates have been posted on the Tours page.




June 17, 2006

New dates are up on the Tours page for Johnny's U.S. tour (July/August) and as well as his Hellwood European tour (October). More shows will be posted soon.

"Cruel Words" will be released in the U.S. on July 4. You'll be able to buy it here at this site starting that day (U.S/Canada only).

More collaborations may be in Johnny's future — this time with Jackie Leven and Stuurbaard Bakkebaard. More on those projects later.


May 29, 2006

Johnny, Jim White, and Willie B (aka Brian Wilson) just finished their Hellwood record. They call it "Chainsaw of Life," and it will be released in Europe on Munich Records in September. It will also be available at shows in the U.S. and at Johnny's web site. Hellwood will tour Europe in October.

"Searching for the Wrong-eyed Jesus," the film Johnny is in with Jim White, showed on the Sundance Channel on May 29. If you missed it, keep an eye out, maybe they'll show it again. It's also available for rent through NetFlix.

The U.S. tour is shaping up. It will start on July 26, and the guys will go across the country and back. So far, we have confirmed dates in St. Paul, Omaha, Seattle, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Austin, and Cleveland. We'll post dates on the Tours page soon.

Johnny Dowd live in Europe 2006


April 25, 2006

Brian Wilson (left) and Johnny Dowd (right) live in Europe 2006

Message from Johnny: We're back from the European tour. I have to say this was one of the best tours I've ever done. Below are some of my memories (or lack thereof).

Special thanks to Brian Wilson and Mike Stark. Not only did they play like men possessed, they also — with the help of Mike Edmondson — did a great job of tour managing. But none of this would have been possible without the efforts of my manager and wife, Kat Dalton. And thanks to everyone who came to the shows — we couldn't have done it without you.

March 15: Fly out of Syracuse, New York. Off to conquer Europe.

March 16: Amsterdam, Netherlands. Go to the coffee shop to "drink coffee."

March 17: Hiversum, Netherlands. First show. Meet the boys from Bomb Shelter. They do a great set with a poet. Robin brought wire flowers for my wife.

March 18: Kontich, Belgium. We see our photographer friends Kris and Tania. The band rocks so hard, the neighbors call the police.

March 19: Oostende, Belgium. Kamagurka in the house! Also, Tania sings beautifully a cappella.

March 20-22: Three days in France. Visit a famous monastery and drink beer. Perform at La Moriere in Mont Dol. Eat, drink, and be merry. Special thanks to Marga and Hans for their hospitality. (Hans, thanks again for the Chickencaster).

March 23: Spend five hours with the French police and barely make it to the gig in Utrecht. Rock and roll. Saw all my Dutch friends.

March 24: Rotterdam, Netherlands. Play another gig with Bomb Shelter. Mark does "God Created Woman" with us. We stay at his mother's house. It was great.

March 25: Den Bosch, Netherlands. All-star jam with Stuubaard Bakkebaard.

March 26: Haarlem, Netherlands. I wore my new orange shirt in honor of Holland. Other than that, I can't remember what happened.

March 27: Hamburg, Germany. We realize we need to find a laundromat.

March 28: Berlin, Germany. Play at the Deutsches Theatre. Hang out with directors and actors. It was kind of an out-of-body experience. Maybe I could play Faust.

March 29: Halle, Germany. Again, my memory fails me. It was my birthday. Now I remember. The people sang Happy Birthday to me. The boys gave me an exploding flower. Beautiful town.

March 30: Vienna, Austria. Visited the World of Him shop and rocked very hard. I almost hurt myself.

March 31: Kufstein, Austria. Played with an excellent songwriter named Jackie Leven.

April 1: Schaffausen, Switzerland. This show was put together by some guys we met at a gig in Detroit, Michigan. That Detroit show went so wrong, we weren't even allowed to take the stage. The Schaffausen show, in contrast, was fantastic. Finally got the laundry done. It cost $300.

April 2: Zurich, Switzerland. Lovely gig at El Lokal.

April 3: Travel to back to Amsterdam. Ten-hour drive, much silliness.

April 4: London, UK. Sold-out show at The Borderline. The boys outdid themselves.

April 5: Played at the BBC's Maida Vale Studios for the "Mixing It" show. Some people from Borderline show also came to this one. Met a lot of good people who work for the BBC.

April 6: Fly home.

Other news: The U.S. tour schedule has changed. The tour will now start in late July. We'll post dates on the Tours page as soon as we have them.


  March 16, 2006


Johnny and band arrived in Amsterdam today: the European tour has begun. To our friends on the other side of the pond — please check the tours page and see if there are any shows near you. The guys are in fine form and will be playing all the songs from "Cruel Words."

Radio Eins in Berlin will broadcast an interview and live performance by Johnny on Tuesday, March 28, at 2:30 PM. Catch it if you can.

The new CD has been getting great reviews. Here are a few snippets:

"Cruel Words is undoubtedly Dowd's most powerful work musically, with his own serrated, waspish guitar lines and long-time drummer Brian Wilson's jazzy breakbeat flourishes now joined by the bravura keyboards of Michael Stark, whose touch is uncannily sure at all times." — Andy Gill, The Independent (London). For full review, please click here.

"Dark, dense, and brilliant." — Peter Watts, Time Out London

"With his lean, mean, funky songs about drinking, religion, and wheelchairs, Mr. Dowd comes across like Johnny Cash reinvented by Quentin Tarantino. Nasty." — Nuts

The U.S. "Cruel Words" tour is now being booked. It will start the first weekend in June, and the band will be traveling from the east coast to the west. We're also planning to get to Vancouver, which will be a first. The U.S. release date for the CD is June 2.

Johnny's collaboration with Jim White now has a name: Hellwood. That's the name of their band which also includes Willie B (aka Brian Wilson). They're on schedule for record release in September (on Munich Records) and European tour in October.



  February 12, 2006



The March/April European tour is fast approaching. If you live in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, or the UK, be sure to check out the schedule on the Tours page. "Cruel Words," Johnny's new CD, will be available at the shows.

Johnny on BBC Radio: The day after the Borderline show in London, Johnny and band will perform for the "Mixing It" show on BBC Radio 3. They'll perform for a live audience at the famous BBC Maida Vale Studios. The show will be recorded and broadcast later (date of broadcast not yet known).

The U.S./Canadian release date for "Cruel Words" is June 6. Our friend Ralph Alfonso at Bongo Beat Records is releasing it, and it will be distributed by Burnside Distribution in Portland (really good guys, by the way). The U.S. tour will also be in June. Dates will be posted as soon as we have them.

The collaboration record with Jim White is in the works. Jim was here in Ithaca recording with Johnny and Brian (aka Willie B) a couple of weeks ago. The record will be released in Europe on Munich Records this coming September, and the band (Johnny, Jim, and Brian) will tour Europe in October.

There's a nice review of the film Johnny was in, "Searching for the Wrong-eyed Jesus," in the current issue of Uncut. The DVD of the film was released on January 30 in Europe and will be released in the U.S. on March 14. It can be ordered through

Johnny's band mates, Brian Wilson (Willie B) and Michael Stark have formed a band called Tzar. Their first CD will be available at Johnny's European shows in March and April.


January 11, 2006

European tour dates have been confirmed for March and April and are listed on the Tours page. The new record, "Cruel Words," will be out by then, and Johnny and the band will be performing all the new songs while on tour.

A very interesting project: Johnny is getting together with Jim White to record later this month. What will come of this unique collaboration? We'll provide more details when the business side of the project is finalized.

Be sure to check out Howe Gelb's new CD, "Arizona Amp and Alternator." You'll hear a familiar name in track 15 ("Vows"). Howe might be coming to Ithaca for a show in early March. We'll keep you updated on this possibility.

Our fellow Ithacans can catch Johnny at the Chapter House on February 4. Good way to spend a cold winter night, don't you think?


December 2, 2005

Christmas CD sale: How about buying your music-loving friends a Johnny Dowd CD for Christmas? From now through December 31, Johnny's latest releases — "Johnny Dowd Live at the Night and Day Cafe" and "Cemetery Shoes" — are just $10 each when bought from this site (U.S. and Canadian buyers only). That includes shipping. "Cemetery Shoes" even has a Christmas song on it. Johnny is always happy to autograph CDs. Just be sure to request this when you make your Paypal payment.


October 26, 2005

Message from Johnny: Hello everyone. My new album, "Cruel Words," just went off to the record companies and will be released in February in the U.S. and Europe. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. We recorded at Pyramid Sound here in Ithaca with my buddy Alex Perialas engineering. He did a great job of capturing the sound and energy of the band. Of course, we had the advantage of working with a couple of monster players, Brian Wilson and Michael Stark. Kim Sherwood-Caso is back, too, singing like a bird. Jon Langford and Sally Timms put the icing on the cake, tearing it up on a country weeper called "Drunk." Like I said, I'm real proud of this one, and I hope a lot of people buy it.

Other news: Our friends in Ithaca should check the shows on the tours page. Johnny and Kim have some shows lined up for their duo act.


September 14, 2005

To our fellow Ithacans: On Friday, October 7, at 7:00 PM, Johnny will do a musical introduction to the film Searching for the Wrong-eyed Jesus at Cornell Cinema (Willard Straight Hall). See him live, then see him on celluloid. The film will also show on October 8, but Johnny won't be at that screening. You can catch him at the Chapter House that night.


September 1, 2005

New photos are up on the Images page. Just click on photo titles on left of page. Thanks to Michael Steele for his photos from SXSW.

Johnny and Brian will be performing at Musicfest NW in Portland on Saturday, September 10 (Fez Ballroom). You can also catch Johnny on the big screen — Searching for the Wrong-eyed Jesus opens on September 9 at Portland's Cinema 21.

On September 29, the whole band will be going up to Montreal to perform at the Pop Montreal Festival. They're playing at the coolest club (The Green Room) on the coolest street in Montreal. Hope some of our friends in Canada can make it.

Recording for the next record is almost done. It's sounding good. To the Kim Sherwood-Caso fans out there: you're in for a treat. Kim is on many of the tracks. There will also be a few surprise guest artists (more on that later).


July 16, 2005

The film Johnny is in was shown in New York this week and will be showing across the country this summer. See the review for "Searching for the Wrong-eyed Jesus" at the New York Times web site. You can find a listing of other showings at the film's web site (go to their "news" section) and also here.

One of the highlights of Johnny's June tour was his show in Omaha at the Goofy Foot Lodge. He said the guys who booked the show really know how to treat musicians. Of course, the shows with Neko Case were spectacular. Johnny said he's always amazed when her hears her voice.

Johnny's been recording the next record which will be out in the spring of next year. It'll be a real rocker. But don't worry, the Dowd dark themes will still be there.


June 6, 2005

CD prices slashed! Priced to move! We've lowered the prices on "Wire Flowers," "Johnny Dowd Live," and "Down in the Valley" by about one-third (for European buyers, too). When these are sold, there won't be any more. Future collector's items?

Johnny's heading out to NXNE in Toronto this coming Saturday, June 11. He'll be playing at the Drake Hotel at midnight. After that, he and Mike will be driving to Bloomington, Indiana, to meet up with Brian who's been drumming for Neko Case. Johnny and band (including Brian) will be opening for Neko for the rest of her tour and adding a few dates of their own at the end. All the dates are now on the Tours page.

When Johnny returns to Ithaca, he and Rocket Morton will bring out their duo act when they open for the legendary Eugene Chadbourne at the Chapter House on July 1. This is something you Ithacans won't want to miss.


April 23, 2005

Johnny will be touring with Neko Case in June. Dates are listed on the Tours page. May tour dates are also there.

An interview with Johnny will appear in the May issue of the Musician's Atlas online newsletter, AtlasOnline.

Thanks to everyone who has written to say they like the new live CD ("Live at the Night and Day Cafe, Manchester, UK").


March 31, 2005

Samples from the new live CD are up on the Albums page now. You can buy "Johnny Dowd: Live at the Night & Day Cafe, Manchester, UK" from the Store page of this site or at Johnny's shows. The CD is not available in stores.

The film Johnny was in, "Searching for the Wrong-eyed Jesus," by Andrew Douglas, will be distributed theatrically in the U.S. in July of this year. Some of the screenings are listed at the film's web site. A soundtrack album will be released on Luaka Bop Records on June 7. A DVD release of the film is also planned.

Thanks from Johnny to everyone who came to his shows on the March tour. He had a blast and hopes you did, too.


March 14, 2005

The new live CD is here! "Johnny Dowd: Live at the Night & Day Cafe, Manchester, UK" is only available from this web site or at Johnny's shows. Johnny is really happy with how it turned out. There's an amazing version of "Papa, Oh, Papa" with a guest trumpet player that you really have to hear. The bonus track is a live radio recording of Johnny reciting a poem while the band and Sally Timms play weird music behind him.
   If you'll be at his shows in the next couple of weeks – Pittsburgh, Nashville, St. Louis, Austin, Morgantown, Cleveland – you could pick the CD up there. If you'd like to order through the web site, please go to the Store page (if you're in Europe, scroll down to the bottom of the page). Remember to let us know if you'd like Johnny to autograph the CD.

Johnny, Brian, and Mike are on their way to SXSW. They hope to see some of you in Austin or at the shows on the way or the way back.

Johnny will perform at a benefit concert for the Prisoner Express Program at Cornell University on Thursday, March 31. The program mails books to over 1200 inmates all over the U.S. The concert will be between 8:30 and 11:00 PM in Annabel Taylor Hall at Cornell. Hope some of you Ithacans can make it. It's a worthy cause.

A May tour is in the works which will include Canadian cities (Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton, possibly more). Johnny's appearance on Robbie Fulks's "Robbie's Secret Country" show (The Old Town School of Folk Music) will also be part of that trip.


February 10, 2005

The SXSW shows are up on the tours page now, along with other March dates.

Johnny's "Wrong Side of Memphis" is included in a new book about little-known musical classics, Lost in the Grooves: Scram's Capricious Guide to the Music You Missed. Gary Gold wrote the article. (Thanks to JT in Erie, PA, for letting us know the book is out now.)


February 7, 2005

Another talented Wilson will be performing at the Chapter House in Ithaca this Saturday (February 12). Boston-based singer/songwriter Dave Wilson, father of Johnny's drummer, Brian Wilson, will be backed up by Brian (aka Willie B.) and guitarist Mark Symeon. Johnny's show follows.

The new live album, "Johnny Dowd, Live at the Night and Day Cafe, Manchester, UK," is going off to production this week. In addition to the Manchester show, there's a track from a live radio recording made at KFJC in California this past December. Sally Timms sings and plays a shruti box on that track. The CD will be for sale at the shows coming up in March, including SXSW, and also here at the site.


January 24, 2005

Message from Johnny: We had a great gig in Toronto opening for Neko Case and The Sadies. Neko was kind enough to sing a couple of songs with us ("Worried Mind" and "God Created Woman"). What a thrill.


January 7, 2005

Johnny will be playing in Toronto with Neko Case on January 16 at The Phoenix. It's an early show, so don't be late.

He'll also be performing at South by Southwest in March. We'll post the details on the Tours page as soon as we have them.

Another live album is in the works. Johnny expects to have it ready for sale for the SXSW tour in March. It will also be for sale here on the web site.

Sad news about Johnny's beloved thirteen-year-old Astro van: it's going to the tour van graveyard. He's bought a new van which he hopes to learn to love even though it seems too "girly."


December 13, 2004

Message from Johnny: I just returned from a month-long U.S. tour with Sally Timms. We each did our own set and then did some songs together. A wonderful group of musicians backed both of us: Mike Stark on keyboards, Justin Asher on guitar and keyboards, and Brian Wilson on drums and bass pedals. It was fun to hear Sally put the boys through their paces each night. She's a truly great singer. Thanks to the people who came out to see us and to the clubs for having us. I'd also like to thank the people who put us up in their homes. There were a lot of highlights to the tour, but I guess Joe's Pub in New York City was particularly outstanding. Great club and good crowd. It looks like I'll be doing a small tour in March that includes SXSW. All for now.

New press—

"Cemetery Shoes":

"If Richard Hell ever took a stab at roots music it would sound like
this."— Montreal Mirror

"Garden of Delight" was selected by Toronto Globe and Mail for their
Essential Tracks listing on November 19, 2004.

Nice review in The Stranger (Seattle) by Hannah Levin. Click here.

Philadelphia show, November 12, 2004:
" In a leather jacket and with a shock of gray hair, Dowd came off like
a mysterious stranger from a 1950s pulp-noir movie directed by David
Lynch. You never knew whether he was going to lead his fabulously
dexterous three-piece band through a cover of Miles Davis' 'In a Silent
Way' or a sing-along cover of Ritchie Valens' 'Donna.' Dowd's a funny
guy, as well as a scary one: His slowed, haunted take on Chuck Berry's
'Johnny B. Goode'—with Timms singing harmony—gave the song an air of
gothic menace. But the droll way he delivered such poesy as 'the things
you did with good intentions / Are experienced by your loved ones as
horrible afflictions,' made you wonder if he was joking, or not."—Dan
DeLuca, Philadelphia Inquirer

London, England, show, October 10, 2004:
" In a little over an hour, Johnny Dowd channeled the collective hearts
and souls of countless maverick songwriters (Nick Cave, Johnny Cash,
Tom Waits, and Bob Dylan principally) and made their influences
personal with his warm sense of humour, background visuals of broken
family life, and a concept stage show that almost exclusively dealt
with his parents divorce decades earlier. . . . Dowd managed to turn
his set into a more real version of VH1 'Storytellers' and let a few
hundred people into his life for a look around with incredible songs to
back him up and keep things moving. There was no sorrow for those who
did not come from broken homes, just a bit more understanding."—Steve
Marshall, LondonNet


October 18, 2004

U.S. tour dates are confirmed and shown on the Tours page. Johnny will be promoting the U.S. release of "Cemetery Shoes," and Sally Timms (his co-bill) will be promoting her new record, "In the World of Him," which was produced by Johnny. Brian Wilson, Mike Stark, and Justin Asher will perform with both of them.

The U.S. version of "Cemetery Shoes" includes a video, "Lust," by Kat Dalton, with poem and music by Johnny. If you can't find the CD in stores near you, you can order it from this site.

The October European tour went very well. The show was called "Better to Marry than to Burn" and was a combination of Johnny's songs about love and marriage and films by Kat Dalton. Brian Wilson surprised everyone by playing baritone guitar instead of drums and bass pedals. His nightly rendition of "Iron Man" was a real crowd pleaser. Other highlights of the tour were when renowned Belgian artist Kamagurka joined Johnny on stage in Brugge and created a surreal interpretation of Johnny's "Fort Worth, Texas" and when Robin from Nijmegen brought Kat a "wire flower."

On May 15, 2005, Johnny will perform on the Old Town School of Folk Music radio show as part of Robbie Fulks's "Robbie's Secret Country" series. A short tour will be scheduled around this date.


October 13, 2004

"Cemetery Shoes," Johnny's latest album, was released in the U.S. and Canada on October 5 on Bongo Beat Records. We're very happy to be working with Ralph Alfonso of Bongo Beat. The album was released in Europe on Munich Records earlier this year. Sylvie Simmons of MOJO called it "wonderfully warped, yet remarkably accessible." See more review excerpts on the reviews page and listen to clipsCemetery Shoes on the albums page.

Johnny will tour the U.S. in November and December in a co-bill with Sally Timms. We'll post the dates as soon as they're confirmed.

Mike Stark joined Johnny's band as keyboard player in March. He and Brian performed with Johnny during the March U.S. tour with the Mekons and the April European tour.

Johnny appears in Andrew Douglas's film, "Searching for the Wrong-eyed Jesus." David Byrne calls it "an amazing piece of work. . . beautifully dark and weird stuff." Reviewer Gabriel Shanks said, “If David Lynch made a road documentary about the rural communities of the American South, it might look a great deal like Searching for the Wrong-eyed Jesus. . . .” Check out clips of Johnny's performances at the film's web site.

Sally Timms's new solo album, "In the World of Him," was produced by Johnny (along with Timms and Justin Asher) and is out September 14 on Touch and Go Records.

Johnny also produced "Nowhere," the debut album by the Sheffield, UK, band Chicken Legs Weaver. It's available now. Former Dowd band member, Justin Asher, engineered the album. Go to the band's web site for more information.

An article about Johnny appears in the current issue of the UK magazine Comes with a Smile (#15). Included with the magazine is a compilation CD with a very cool live recording by Johnny and the band of "Papa, Oh, Papa." Information about how to order the magazine and CD is at the Comes with a Smile site.


Johnny Dowd Wire Flowers
Cemetery Telecaster